2nd graders Skyping with students in Accra, Ghana
Here is the first edition of the PBLI Pioneer
Monday's PBLI Pioneer

Monday's PBLI kickoff was a flurry of activity at each grade level.  There were student reporters and photographers eager to share what they had started. Click on the link above to see the final product!

Tuesday's PBLI Pioneer: Online Edition

Tuesday proved harder to wrap up with a newspaper edition due to the half day and all of the exciting events going on this morning.  First, all second graders came into the library to connect with a 2nd grade class in Ghana.  We were able to answer each others questions and determined that we had a lot of similarities to the students at the Lincoln Community School (LCS) in Accra, Ghana.  Their students were from 13 different countries!

In other news around Zervas, first graders continued to work on their respective habitat groups for their "Habitat Week", adding animals and plants to their habitat murals; 2nd graders husked cocoa beans in their chocolate-making process; 3rd graders worked on the sets for their lifecycle plays; Mr. O's class practiced the script for their movie, K's worked on their animal ABC books in library and 5th graders continued their bird research, sparked by Mr. Griffin's intro yesterday for their podcast.  Stay tuned for the next edition of the PBLI Pioneer and keep updated with the learning happening at Zervas!

Hard at work in the Ocean Habitat room
5th graders (and Mrs. Deeks) researching and writing about birds
2nd graders husking cocoa beans!

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