On Wednesday December 5th, author and illustrator Brian Lies came into our 3rd grade class! There he shared some new books and we explored his illustrations from 2nd grade and up. We gave him advice and he taught us new things. He told us his secret about being an author and illustrator and inspired kids to draw and write. He drew a picture for us and we all got his autograph! It was an amazing experience, and something no one in the class will ever forget. We hope he visits again so we can see his new books.  By Sophie and Yuval (3A)

I had a very good time with Brian Lies. I really enjoyed it. My favorite book was Bats at the Ballgame. I loved his books. I wish he won all of the awards because all his books beat all! I bet he put a lot of effort into it. I really loved Brian Lies visit and I hope he wins that award.  By Sid (3A)

I think Brian Lies is a really good illustrator and author. He really puts a lot of hard effort into his books and the pictures he paints and drawings are amazing in its own special way.  He is a very talented man. Most of all I love Bats at the Ballgame because I love the pictures in the book. He really works so hard on every book.  One picture book is 60 pads of paper and drawing books. That's what I think of Brian Lies. By Caleb (3A)

Brian Lies came in last Wednesday to talk to the 3rd grade.  It was fun because he read Bats at the Library to us! When he showed us the original painting of bats at the library it looked like the same thing as the one in the book. This whole experience WAS FUN! By Isabelle and Adele (3A)

An author and illustrator named Brian Lies came to our school.  He drew a picture for our class of a bat hanging upside down from a tree holding a birthday cake and trying to teach a raccoon how to hang upside down. He gave it a title and the title was The BAT Day Party.  And he also signed his autograph on the drawing and he gave it to our class.  And, at the end of his visit, everyone lined up with sticky notes and pieces of paper for his autograph. Most of his books are about bats. He got the idea from his daughter. He showed us that to be a great writer when you grow up, you don't need to be the best writer in the class when you are young.  His visit was the best! By Kamakshi (3A)

Title: The One and Only Ivan
Author: Katherine Applegate
Call Number: FIC APP

Reviewer #1: Sarah
I think The One and Only Ivan keeps the reader hanging and the book has a lot of emotion with it. I can't even describe the book in words it was so good!
Rating:  Excellent

Reviewer #2: Erin
A sad book about a gorilla held hostage in a mall with 4 friends, a piece of paper and some crayons.  An exciting, can't put it down, wonderful, amazing, book with a group of friends that work together and save their lives.  I liked it because it is sad and happy at the same time.
Rating: Excellent


Fourth grade students were introduced to Mitali Perkins today, as she came to tell her stories, introduce her books and talk about writing (and living!) between two cultures.  The students were excited about her visit, and made several signs to welcome her into our library.

After an hour of story telling, question-answering and hands-on activities (Tre and Iris modeled the traditional clothing VERY well!), 4th graders were eager to get their hands on her books.  I hope they will be inspired by her stories and characters!